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4 Affordable and Easy Home Improvement Projects to Boost the Value of Your Home

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A little goes a long way when it comes to home improvements. Beautifying your home will raise its value but you need to walk the fine line between enhancements that will guarantee a reasonable return on investment when the home is sold versus improvements that hurt your bottom line.

Before you embark on major home improvement projects, try these small and simple DIYs that won’t break the bank:

  1. Spice up your kitchen

  2. The kitchen is one of the first things buyers look at in a home. Keep yours tidy, functional, and stylish; make it the kind of space people will want to have.

    A little sandpapering to smooth surfaces and a new coat of paint can make your cabinets look shiny and new. Replace cabinet handles and drawer pulls with something up-to-date. Changing your backsplash is another easy way to make your kitchen look fashionable. Choose from the many new styles that will still fit the general look of your kitchen but convey fresh, visual flair.

    Declutter your kitchen – store cereal boxes and small appliances like juicers in kitchen cabinets.  Install hooks, rails, and other space savers to make the kitchen even more functional.

  3. Beautify the bathroom

  4. Home buyers are just as keen on the state of a home’s bathrooms as they are about the kitchen. While a full-scale remodel may end up pricey, there are quick fixes you can employ to add more style to your bathroom.

    Coordinate the various elements in your bathroom to fit the particular aesthetic you’re after. Installing a bold, new mirror design with matching chrome or glass shelves and towel racks will make your bathroom look exciting rather than drab. You can also update shelves and match shower curtains and toilet seats.

    Declutter your vanity. Keep your personal hygiene products in baskets or trays you can easily store in a bathroom drawer. Add decorative fretwork panels or overlays on cabinet drawers to match your theme.

  5. Enhance curb appeal

  6. Buyers get a first impression of your home as soon as they drive up to it. They will already have formed an opinion of your property before they even get a look inside.

    Landscaping is a good way to make your home look welcoming and attractive. Maintain your shrubs and hedges by trimming them regularly. Remove dead patches of grass and replace mulch regularly – this will keep weeds from growing and protect your soil.

    Paint the front door in a bold color to make it pop and give your entrance a livelier feel.  Remodeling Magazine‘s 2018 Cost vs. Value average for Colorado shows that you can also get the most value out of changing garage doors and replacing the entry doorway with a steel one.

  7. Add moldings

  8. Add a touch of charm and character to your rooms by installing moldings, including baseboards, battens, and chair rails. Make sure you get the measurements just right because sloppily installed moldings will actually lower your home value.

    Make sure the design doesn’t clash with your theme. The elegance of the classic crown molding will go well with a romantic or European look. For a more modern home, cove moldings might fit better. A historic or Grecian-inspired home will do well with dentil or dart-and-egg moldings. Some moldings even light up and give off a soft glow for a cozier ambiance.

Before you start making improvements to increase the value of your home and find out what buyers are looking for, you’re going to need the best Realtor in Denver. Contact Randa & Co. Properties at 720-244-1796 or through here and get advice from the experts of South Denver, CO real estate.