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This is Maria Gregor with Keller Williams Realty and I’m currently here with Jodi Randa who is totally amazing and I’m here with Laura Leigh. Awesome, and so we just want to ask a few questions to Laura Leigh. Why did you choose Jody to do your move?

Well I agree with the first point you just said that she’s awesome. So you when I had a house to sell I didn’t think of calling anyone else but Jodi she’s not only my friend but she’s very professional and I knew that she would get me to the point of selling my house which is why I called Jodi.

Okay and would you refer Jodi to any of your friends and family? Yes I would refer her and just reiterating the point i said earlier the professionalism and I knew she would get me to getting a buyer for my house we also needed to do some work on the house before selling it and she was really instrumental in connecting us with the right people the right painter, the right carpet cleaner she has lots of contacts and they all came in really handy. She made it easy.

Oh you guys I love what I do, I love working by referral and I couldn’t do it without amazing people like this so I’m so thankful Laura for your business and I look forward to continue our continued friendship yes and being able to earn your referrals

Thanks again.