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7 Features Luxury Home Buyers Look For

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A luxury home is more than its great location and stylish design. It is a place to find the ultimate in comfort and indulgence. Each luxury home is different, customized by its homeowners to perfectly fit their needs and wants.

However, there are common features luxury homebuyers look for. Here are seven must-haves:

  1. Open floor plan

    Open floor plans are the preferred choice of luxury home buyers today. Having living rooms flow seamlessly into dining rooms, and other areas of the house enhances the feeling of spaciousness. Open floor plans also make it easy for family members to gather and interact comfortably, and for guests to mingle easily.

  2. Gourmet kitchen

    Today’s kitchen is more than just a place to prepare meals and for kids to do their homework. The new gourmet kitchens are oases of luxury living. They have become a hub for the family to gather and spend time in. Most gourmet kitchens are equipped with drawer dishwashers, wine refrigerators, fresh herb storage, and commercial-grade kitchen appliances. They also have spacious kitchen islands that are perfect for casual get-togethers.

  3. Spa bathroom

    A spa bathroom is the height of luxurious pampering. Custom his-and-hers vanities, dual shower heads, walk-in showers, rain showers, heated tiles and towel rails, high-tech toilets, and many more state-of-the-art features that emulate a world-class spa are features found in spa bathrooms.

  4. Customized walk-in closets

    Walk-in closets are designed reflect the specialized needs of the homeowner. Most luxury walk-in closets feature closet islands (made to store watches, lingerie, jewelry, and other small items), a dedicated shoe system, elegant lighting, full-length mirrors, built-in laundry hamper, and comfortable seating. Some even have a beverage station for coffee and evening drinks.

  5. Outdoor living spaces

    Outdoor living spaces have become must-haves because they add dimension to the home. Luxury outdoor spaces feature outdoor kitchens with sinks and prep stations, barbecue grills, comfortable seating, fire pits, and an outdoor pool and spa. All are designed to allow family and friends to enjoy their time out of doors with all the comforts found indoors.

  6. Entertainment areas

    A home movie theater or gaming room is a staple in luxury homes. Modern luxury homes have expanded the idea to home arcades, indoor bowling alleys, and extravagant sports bars with beers on tap. Rooms or spaces where homeowners can unwind in a big way or indulge their hobbies or passions are an important feature in a luxury home.

  7. Smart home technology

    Smart home technology gives you the ability to monitor your home via mobile apps. Being able to control everything from the sprinklers to the
    security system by tapping on your phone is the type of convenience luxury homebuyers of today are looking for.

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