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5 Staging Mistakes You Should Avoid When Selling Property

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Staging your house is a step in the home selling process that may spell the difference between a quicker buy or having your property languish on the market for longer than you’d like. Home staging involves making your residence more attractive to the kind of buyers you want to sell your house to.

However, you do need to know how to stage your home in order to attract the best offers.

Here are 5 staging mistakes you should avoid.

  1. Rooms with too much stuff or too little

  2. Decluttering is a vital step to making your home attractive to potential buyers. It not only makes your home seem more spacious, but it also tells buyers that the owners of the home have kept it well-maintained. Edit the stuff you have on display; keep tabletop décor to a minimum.

    On the other hand, make sure not to leave your rooms completely bare. When the furniture and décor are too sparse, the rooms will look too empty or drab. Remember, you want your place to look welcoming and warm, something someone will want to come home to.

  3. Standing by your personal style

  4. Buyers won’t just appraise if your home is worth the buy, they’ll also imagine themselves living there. That’s why depersonalization is so important – you don’t want buyers to feel like they’re intruding on your space.  You want them to feel like your home is something they can eventually call their own.

    At the same time, aim to make your home appeal to as many buyers as possible. Set aside your personal style lest you turn off buyers and brokers from making offers on your property.

  5. Covering up the best parts of your home

  6. Sometimes when we’ve lived in a home for so long, we tend to forget the details that give it character.

    Furniture that’s pushed up against the wall may make a room more spacious, but it’s sadly lacking the warmth that comes with a more intimate arrangement. Couches may also cover up architectural elements like chair rails which could add a touch of style to the room.

    If your home has gorgeous views, draw back the curtains for maximum effect. This also allows natural light to stream in, making the room feel lighter and airier. If you have unique or appealing features like a fireplace, make it the focal point of the room or the element that people first notice when they walk in.

  7. Neglecting nooks and crannies

  8. This is not the time to ignore those nooks and crannies we pay no mind when we tidy up on a regular basis. Buyers won’t just look, they peer… into corners, up at the lighting fixtures, in parts of the room that aren’t too well lit. Hire professional cleaners if you’re due for viewings. You want the house to look spotless. You want buyers to feel that that the house is well maintained so you can entice them to make an offer.

  9. Overstaging

  10. Adding too many new elements to spruce up the room will only clutter it or cover up the elements that ought to be showcased. Overstaging might also make your home look like something off a showroom – too cold and impersonal. The point of staging is to make people feel welcome and have them imagine your home as their own.

    While the living room or kitchen requires staging, you yourself can work on a home office or guest rooms. Just tidy up, change the sheets, and keep everything spic and span.

    You need to strike the perfect balance when it comes to staging in order to maximize your chances of getting an offer.

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